Great Domains Need Exposure
Here at PRYCR, we know that every dollar counts.  That’s why selling your domain names on PRYCR is 100% free.  There is no charge to list and sell your domains.  No commission, no flat fee, no cost at all.
Auction Sales
Create an account for free, then list your domains for sale.  The process is simple and quick.  There is no charge for a non-featured auction.   You can set your price, add a reserve, take offers, or set a Buy It Now price.  All free.  Give it a try.  Create an account today and put your domains up for auction.
Forum Sales
The forum can be a good tool for flipping your domains to others.  Find your category in the forums and post your domains.  Forum selling is directly between buyer and seller.   You can sell your domains in the forum and coordinate transfer of the domain and payment quickly.  Browse the forums and learn how other domain owners are selling using the forum.
Chatroom Sales
The chatroom can be a great place to advertise your available domains, make connections and agree on sales.  Selling in the chatroom is open 24/7 and is completely free.
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