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prycr: Morning!
prycr: Yo
prycr: acquisition complete!
prycr: acquired and for sale
prycr: Domains being parked at Efty!
prycr: Hey! What's doin? smile
prycr: Happy 4th of July!!!
prycr: New domains added!
prycr: Back to work!!
prycr: hi
ezee: hello
prycr: hey
prycr: hey Domainer!
prycr: =^.^=
wesley12: Hey prycr how do i accept reject or counter offers
prycr: Check your inbox, private message sent to you!
prycr: Morning!
bali007: Hello
bali007: m new here
bali007: hi prycr smile
prycr: hey bali007! I was away from the computer. Hope to see you again soon. smile
prycr: hi bali
prycr: I registered!
bali007: hi
bali007: 1 day left to end my bid smile
bali007: still not getting any bid or offer laugh
prycr: I just got a bid on one. smile You will too!
prycr: Actually not a bid but it was an offer.
prycr: Congrats to the new owner of
prycr US